About App Sitter

App Sitter is a mobile device management (MDM) system that can help you and your family taking a brake from the mobile screens. App Sitter is easy to use even though there are complex systems "under the hood".

1: Install App Sitter

Download and install App Sitter on your phone.


2: Start mobile device enrollment

To be able to send commands to your childrens mobile devices, they have to be enrolled in App Sitter.


3: Scan QR code and install MDM profile

Use the camera on your child's device to scan the QR code that is displayed on your mobile phone screen. After you have installed the administration profile, you can start using App Sitter.

Using App Sitter

App Sitter dispatches commands via Internet to your children's mobile devices. When you lock the device, the apps on it are deactivated. When you unlock the device, the apps are re-activated.